Take Control of Your Windows Startup icons Using WinPatrol

WinPatrol is a stable and light app that lets the user control what programs should be added to startup. It runs during startup and blocks unnecessary programs that are trying to automatically get added to startup. These programs only create problems for the user by slowing down the computer or causing the computer to hang.

winpatrol free

The tool has many options to help get your computer running at the speed it should be. It always notifies you when a program is trying to add itself to the startup so you can choose what programs you want added and what programs you don’t want. The app gives you complete freedom to choose.

winpatrol cookies

It also helps by deleting cookies that put unnecessary load on your browser. Even here, you can add keywords related to the cookies that you don’t want and the app will automatically delete cookies containing those words. Or you can view a complete list of your cookies separately for each browser and deal with it accordingly.

The tool contains many more options that can be configured by the user. You can even increase the speed of your computer by delaying the start of some programs that are not needed during startup.

You can see the list of all the plugins installed on your browsers and you can configure them directly from the interface.

Download WinPatrol.

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