StartupEye Informs You if Any Program Adds itself to System Startup

StartupEye is an app that notifies users whenever a new program is trying to add itself to the start menu. The more the start up programs, more will be your computer’s boot time. So to avoid lengthy boot times, it is always better to have lesser number of startup programs.

startup eye

Startup Eye itself has to get added to the startup to monitor the changes there. So after installation, the app notifies you that it needs to do so. Once done, Start up eye will monitor all the start up programs and make sure no unnecessary programs are added to the Startup menu. It uses very few resources from your computer so you don’t have to worry about the app causing your computer to work slowly.

When an app tries to add itself to startup, then the program notifies you and gives you the option of deleting the file, allowing the file to be added and even scanning the file for errors or viruses. The scan is done through the internet. Once you hit the scan button, the app directs you to the website.

startup eye scan

The options tab on the app contains two simple options- whether to load when Windows starts and to play sounds or alarms when a program is knocking on its door.

startup options

This app is a must have if you have programs on your computer that always try to get added to startup and cause problems with your boot time. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003, 2008.

Download StartupEye.

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