ResophNotes: Take Notes in Windows PC And Sync it Easily

There are several notes taking tool present on a web. Apart from using any of them I generally take on Windows native Notepad software and save them, half of them get lost or deleted or just too mixed up. I came across simple note taking and syncing tool known as ResophNotes for Windows. I must admit that this is the best notes synchronizing device for Windows I’ve ever used.

The best thing about the application is the ease of usage. It took me practically 25 seconds to figure out how to work and what to find where. For those of you familiar with Mac, this is practically look alike Notational Velocity. The UI is easy on the eye and very basic. Yes at times it did lack basic features like italics or underline or things like even the word count, but that is really picking the faults for the sake of it.

The app is well integrated with cloud services like Dropbox which actually is a wonderful feature. You can have your notes on the go just about wherever you go. You can also add tags for the sake of organizing which is a wonderful feature. Your notes list in the window can be optimized according to your needs which is actually a great thing.


Some of the features of this app are:

  • A simple interface with a single omnibar for creating new notes and searching existing ones.
  • A ton of different keyboard shortcuts that allow for mouse-less navigation.
  • Instant saving of everything, so you never lose any unsaved work.
  • Syncs with Simplenote, but can also save notes as .txt files for syncing with Dropbox and other file-syncing services.
  • Link to other notes in your database.
  • Tag notes for easy organization.
  • Import text files and .csv files.
  • Restore deleted notes and permanently delete old ones.
  • Both installable and portable versions available.

You can download the application from here:

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