Take Online Music Quiz Using TunesIQ

Tunesiq is a website where you can play fun quizzes based on your favorite music for free. If you’re tired of working all day and want something fun to do, then this is a really cool way to kick back and relax your brains while keep yourself active.

tunesiq main

You can play the quiz with a random selection of songs from the internet or you can even play a quiz on your own music collection or even play custom quizzes created by users. The website contains a large database of songs so the questions will never be repetitive.


When the quiz starts it plays an audio of a part of the song and you are supposed to identify the song from the options given on the side. You can go on playing till you get tired of it(which you never will!!), and the best part is once you answer the question, a Youtube link will appear where you can watch the video of the song. Those major music buffs may find this to be quite easy at the start, but the difficulty level goes on increasing as you go on. So your streak has to break sometime!!

The website also allows users to share their score and even share the song on Facebook. You can even challenge your friends on Facebook and compare your scores.

Check out Tunesiq.

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