Take Screenshot in Google Chrome Browser Using Webpage Screenshot

Many times while booking tickets or purchasing any product via internet, users save the tickets or billing information in HTML format by using “Ctrl+S” button. They open it lately to print the document or for any other reference. Isn’t it great if you could save the screenshot of that page, instead of HTML format? Webpage screenshot extension for Google Chrome browser does exactly the same job.

Download and install the extension on your browser. A small camera icon will appear on the extension bar. Now, open any webpage and click on that icon. It will pop up few options as shown in the screenshot below.


There are too many options provided by this extension. You can take screenshot of visible area of the web page (above the fold) or screenshot of the entire page. There is an option to resize the window. You can also add metadata to the header and footer of the screenshot. After taking the screenshot, it opens the image in the new tab. You can right click on image and save it anywhere in your computer. It provides the screenshot in .png format.


After taking the screenshot, you can edit it with the help of its native editor. You can find tools to edit the image. Some of the tools are draw, text, crop, undo and redo tools. Editor is not so advance but still it adds some value to the tool. After editing, you can create a URL (the service will upload the image on its server) and share it to your friends present on Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Myspace, Twitter, Yahoomail etc.

Download Webpage Screenshot Google Chrome extension to take screenshots of web pages easily.

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