Take Screenshot of Your Desktop With Screenshots Automatically Taker Software

To know the activity perform on your computer when you are not present near it you can use the software known as Screenshots Automatically Taker. It takes screenshot of your desktop in a defined interval and saves it on any desired location. The tool comes with lots of other features also.

To get this tool, download and install it on your PC. Now on first run, you have to select the desired location on your PC to store the screenshots. You can set the time interval after which it takes another screenshot. Also it has an option to set image quality. To start with this tool , click on the “Start Capture” button present on the program’s interface.

Tip: To save disk space you can set image quality to near 70% so that it can give you low resolution screenshot. Also “Take screenshot now (Test)” button gives you a single screenshot of your desktop at a particular time.


When you click on the “Start Capture” button, it’ll start a count down on the program’s interface. When the count-down comes to zero, it save the screenshot on the set location. After defined interval, it takes another screenshot and the process goes on and on until you stop the process with the help of “Stop Capture” button.


You can check the option “Load this software on windows startup” for automatically startup. Also it can be started as hidden application or in system tray. You can minimize the program to system tray while taking screenshot.

Download Screenshots Automatics Taker.

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