Take Screenshots Quickly in Firefox Using Pearl Crescent Firefox Add-on

Pearl Crescent Firefox Add-on is amazing webpage screenshot capture tool. It takes screenshot of visible portion or entire page without any effort. Also it can capture flash content of the webpage. The output screenshot quality is excellent.

Download and install this extension form the developers website (link given at the end of article). After restarting the browser, you’ll notice a small camera icon appeared at the bottom right of your browser. Before taking the screenshot, you should check the option panel to customize the settings.

Go to Tools –> Addons –> Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic. Click on the “Options” button.

You’ll see two tabs at the option panel . In General, you can set that the extension will take screenshot of entire page or the visible portion of the page. This will come in handy if you have to take entire screenshot of page with large amount of content.

Also there is option to set keyboard shortcut. If you click on a small triangle next to camera icon, you’ll find three option. You can choose any of the three option to display while you click the triangle.


Click on the Image Capture tab. Here you’ll get many options such as Prompt before saving to a local file. You can also set it to save the screenshot at desired location. There is option to choose the size of saved image (you can increase or decrease it by changing the percentage). Check the boxes next to “Play a sound after capturing the image” and “When loading web pages, arrange to capture Flash content”.


After setting all the option, it’s time to take the screenshot. Click on the camera icon and it will ask you to choose the location and rename the file. You can save it at desired location.


After I took the first screenshot, I was amazed by the image quality of the screenshot. It come in handy if you want to capture any infographic given on the web page or capturing any guide to read it offline.

The basic version is free. This add-on is also available in Pro version which costs $15. Pro version comes with other facilities such as select and capture a region on a page, Ssve images to an HTTP (web) or FTP server, place a copy of a captured image on the clipboard, using Page Saver from the Command Line etc.

You can follow this guide to use the pro version of this addon.

Download Pearl Crescent Page Saver Firefox addon to take screenshots of webpage easily and quickly.

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  1. thanks for this handy add-on. in between though snagit is better one. As a blogger i already installed too-much add-ons and installing another add-on will increase the loading time of browser??
    any tip to decrease the loading time of browser??

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