Take Snapshots of Images in Windows Easily with Capture it Plus

There are plenty of apps available on the internet for taking snapshots of your screen. Capture it Plus is another app that allows users to take snapshots of their screens and customize the snapshots with ease. The one thing that makes this app different from others is that you can customize the keyboard shortcuts for each type of snapshot that you want to take. There are various types of snapshots you can take with this app including full screen view, free hand, automatic, multiple screenshots etc.

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To install the app, just extract the downloaded files from the zip file and run the setup. Once installed, the app automatically attaches itself to the startup menu and you can access the settings and configure the app from there. There are many forms of snapshots you can choose from and you can configure keyboard shortcuts for each type of snapshot from the settings menu of the app. Some types of snapshots you can take using Capture it Plus are:

1. Circle

2. fixed region

3. Free form

4. Full screen

5. Rectangle

6. Window Capture

7. Active window

You can even set the app to send the snapshot automatically to your email address or send the snapshots to clipboard.  The app allows you to choose the format of the file as well as the quality of the images.

Download Capture it plus.

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