Talk only in Yes or No? Try out Yes/No Messenger

There have been more than a few conversations that we have had with our dear ones where the only agenda was to get the person, on the other side to say a Yes or a No. These are usually monologues where one person does all the talking, which usually translates to throwing a lot of question while the guilty party either agrees or disagrees. And while we are obviously not short of any Instant Messengers, one could actually see the utility of a Yes/ No messenger which you could strictly use for the time when you are in no mood for taking any bullshit or beating around the bush.

Yes No App

The application is available for both Android and iOS and has an extremely uncluttered user interface. The entire experience of using the app was butter smooth and you could actually see a proper use case of the application unlike a lot of IM apps that do exactly the same sort of thing. You can set the expiry time of the question as well as sned the question to your friends via SMS.

You can involve just one person as per the way you want or even start a yes/ no conversation among a group of friends which would be an easy way of finding out the answer to a difficult question or coordinating among yourself for things like a dinner or even a movie plan. You can check out the working of the messenger right here.

Download Link: Android & iOS

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