Tapatalk is an Easy Way to Access Your Favorite Forums in Mobile Phones

Internet has definitely become lifeline of people. It is extremely difficult to imagine a life where we do not have continuous access to our favorite websites. However with gradual shift to web surfing on the mobile devices, a lot of new ways and techniques have been developed which promotes web access on the go. However so far accessing forums on the mobile has been a problem, primarily cause forums use a heavy data usage and it can be problematic loading them.


To solve this issue across all the platforms, Tapatalk is a wonderful solution. It lets you to browse all the forums registered to Tapatalk; which almost all the famous and important forums are.

What this application does is that it presents to you the entire forum in the form of a conversation in an easy format devoid of graphics and silly ads. It most definitely loads up extremely quickly on the mobile device and lets you browse the forum. Browsing is easy and extremely convenient. The UI is nothing much to write home about since its absolutely devoid of any aesthetic beauty that you may relate to the forum. However I suggest you should use it for forums which are informatics and text based cause the main feature itself of Tapatalk is to display the text in a very efficient format.


The application is available across all the major platforms like iOS, Blackberry and Android and is keenly awaited on other platforms too.

The only downside is that is a paid application but it’s so efficient and bound to save you a lot of money on data usage so it’s absolutely worth the 0.99 pound charged for it. Keep a keen eye though as the application could well go on sale for a day and maybe you could pick it at a cheaper price!

Download Tapatalk for iOS.

Download Tapatalk Forum App for Android.

Download Tapatalk for Blackberry.

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