Teardown suggests that HTC M8 is next to Impossible to Repair

When you spend all your earnings of a month on picking up a smartphone, the one thing you always have in the back of your mind is what if the whole thing goes kaputt. What if the screen breaks or you splash it in water or something to that extent and things go awry especially those which are not covered under warranty. Times like these, you are left with no other option but to tear the device down and fix it yourself by going through some Online guides unless you are good to pay the exorbitant fees of the retailers. However, if you have been impressed by the HTC One M8 and are planning to pick the device, then you might have a little point to reconsider.

HTC One M8- Teardown

The good looks thanks to the Aluminum chassis of the device and the unibody construction can be a real pain when you need to open the device and fix things around. The HTC M7 was a tough cookie to repair and its successor is no different. iFixit, who take apart pretty much every living gadget noted that just disassembling the rear casing of the device can prove detrimental to the internal components of the phone. There is plenty of glue and tape used within the phone making replacing components tough. And if you are thinking about the battery replacement, then it is another pain. The battery of the M8 is located below the motherboard of the device meaning you need to fiddle a lot to get to it.

The device ended up with a total score of 2/10 on the reparability scale of iFixit making it pretty much impossible to repair yourself. Make sure to go through the entire report from iFixit here.

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