TechAuto Maps: An Alternative For Nokia Maps

It happens sometimes that Nokia Maps are not in a working state and you are in an urgent need to use a map for locating certain spot. There are many alternative options in the app world but one new concept on going since 2010 is the Tech Auto Maps. Developed by XDA developers these maps support Google Maps’ system and are popularly known as TA Maps. They give a better or equivalent coverage in many parts of the world to Bing Maps. The TA Maps provide various features like zoomable and Scrollable maps with high clarity, GPS spotting system, favorite locations and many more. This Maps app is found to be one of the best used app for Maps for a WP7 phone.


Considering it is a Google Maps client application, the user interface of this app is equally good and user friendly. No cringing and stressing required and this proves to be very easy with usability. With the GPS tracking and sensitivity system you are open to access locations and paths easily just like other Google Maps app. With Nokia Maps under development the TA Maps purvey you with great credibility. This is one must have apps for your phone which is bringing up more updates and uniqueness within.

The application is available in two ways. One way is to download and install a XAP file and then update the application. This way you get the application for free. You need to unlock your device and then install TA maps on your Windows for use as this app was first made for jailbroken phones. Another way is to find it on the Marketplace app on your Windows phone. This can be found on the Zune Marketplace where the application is paid. Here’s the XAP file for the application.

To install the XAP version you need to follow certain steps:

1. Download the XAP file.

2. Install WP7 SDK

3. Use the application deployment tool found in the Start menu to install the downloaded XAP file.

Note: Your phone must be developer unlocked as stated before else you will receive an error saying “TA Maps has been revoked by Microsoft”.

This is an older version and has to be updated instantly. In some cases the above error may not be shown as Microsoft has now linked its sources with TechAuto Maps and is now making it available on its Zune Marketplace. 2011 is the year for TA Maps to start with Windows Marketplace.

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