Telegram Receives Major Update on Android: Gets Material Design and new Security Features

As the world of technology was sweating and weeping over the lack of privacy and messages being leaked thanks to insecure servers, one application that won the hearts of everyone was Telegram. In fact at a time when the likes of iMessage and Whatsapp were getting shot down, Telegram was making waves thanks to its end to end encryption and secure servers. It is little surprise, therefore that the application is the second most downloaded in the list of free apps on the Google Play Store.


Not resting on the popularity, Telegram has decided to bring an all new UI to the application, which implements the much-spoken material design as seen on Android 5.0. The update currently is live only for the Android version of the application, though we do expect some part of the features in the update even if not material design to come over on iOS.

Some of the other features added to Android are the ability to turn off the last seen from the security settings so you can have a peace of mind as well as the ability to self destruct your account after inactivity. You also have cloud search in built in the app now so you can search from inside the messages. Overall, the new update is definitely worth checking out and you should be able to download it directly from Google Play.

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