Telegram+ Removed from Google Play Store for Impersonation

Google has been on a tirade off late to crash and burn anything that it finds mildly inappropriate in order to make sure that the Play Store is a healthier place for everyone to be. It was only recently that, Google had banned Whatsapp+ from the Play Store and Whatsapp had announced that anyone using Whatsapp+ will be banned from using Whatsapp which prompted a large exit from the application usage.


Not to be let down by the tirade, the developer of Whatsapp+ went on to develop another application called Telegram+ which in a way does exactly what Whatsapp+ did by enhancing the features and customizations on Whatsapp. However, unlike Whatsapp Telegram is an open-licensed software with permission to the developers to go ahead and meddle things around. But keeping in line with the strict guidelines, Google Play has now banned Telegram+ too from the Play Store and on being contacted by the developer Serg io, Telegram did confirm that they had not prompted Google to act on the application.

This definitely raises a hope that there is a possiblity that Telegram+ will be back on the Play Store sometime soon, though till then those who are looking for the application can download it from Mediafire here.

Via: Android Police

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