Telegram Ups Its Game And Allows you to Edit Sent Messages

Telegram is possibly the most interesting solution as far as IM on smartphones go, if you do not want to use WhatsApp. Not only does the app have a ton of features, that WhatsApp does not have, they are always looking to add more things to their roster which makes the app really useful. Recently, the app has added the feature where you can edit the sent messages.

This is very similar to Facebook and useful if you make a mistake while typing so that you do not have to go and correct yourself by explaining the mistake. You will get an ‘edited’ note next to the message that you edit, though sadly there is no edit history available. The feature is inspired from Slack and works pretty much exactly the same way if you have used the service.


You will need to updated to version 3.9 to get the ability to edit the messages that you sent. Also, messages that are older than 2 days, cannot be edited. Another little restriction is that you will need the person on the other end to be on the latest Telegram update to be able to edit messages. Also a part of the version 3.9 update is that inline bots shortcuts are a part of the attachment menu and you can get names of people in groups after using the @ symbol, even if they do not have a username.

TL-Update-No Edit

Aditya did not have Telegram updated, so no Edit option there.

The update is available both on Android and iPhone, so you got to go ahead and immediately update your Telegram app.

Contribution of Aditya Shenoy of is acknowledged in writing this post.

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