Temple Run is Amazing Game for iPhone Lovers

Temple run is an amazing game and a must have game for the iDevices. It is played from a 3D view. We are a tomb robber being chased by temple guard beasts. The player runs straight forward, with the game’s camera positioned above and behind him.

Players swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, and swipe left and right to turn in either direction. Tilting your iDevice left or right moves your runner left or right within his narrow lane, making it easier to collect coins. The longer a session gets, the faster he runs and the more frequent the obstacles become, requiring quicker and quicker reflexes to stay alive.


Power ups and upgrades are available in the game inbuilt store, the money is obviously the coins that you collect throughout the game.

Impatient players can also purchase coins with real money via an In-App transaction. Upgrades include a coin magnet, temporary invincibility, and doubling coin values after reaching specific distance milestones. These upgrades do increase Temple Run’s replay value, but like the challenges, they suffer from being a bit generic. We would like to see an upgrade for a bullet-time mode, a temporary rewind, a double jump.

Anything besides the standard ‘incincibility’. These features would definitely make the gameplay much better.

For me this application gets a 8 on 10 rating.

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