Test the Load time of Webpage with Pingdom

Google Panda affected many website’s traffic in a past. One of the main reason behind drop in traffic of websites is poor page load time. If you are a webmaster then you should check your page load time and set it to minimum by making change in pages.

Pingdom is a website where users can know the load times and speeds of various webpages. This website is really helpful for knowing how much time your webpage takes to load on your connection. The stats are shown are accurately measured and displayed to the user within a couple of seconds.

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We tested the load time of our website on the website and it displayed a load time of 4.13 seconds with a page size of around 700 kb. This website also allows users to check if their DNS servers are configured properly. Simply enter the domain name and hit enter to know if your DNS servers are configured correctly. The website also allows users to perform a traceroute or ping. Simply enter the host name or the IP address to which you want the test and hit enter.

The website is an attraction for people who have their own websites and would like to know how fast their website loads so as to improve in that aspect. The website performs the test from two default locations, Amsterdam, Netherlands or from Dallas, Texas, USA. You can choose whichever location you want from the settings tab. You can even choose to publish your test on the website.

Check out Pingdom.

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