The Alleged Google Nexus Tablet Pictures Leaked

The Nexus Tablet from Google, the first of its kind is about to hit the markets very shortly if the rumors are to be believed. The tablet would be called the The Asus  Nexus Tablet since it would be manufactured by Asus and provide a Vanilla Android experience on ICS 4.0. The tablet’s existence was recently confirmed when it appeared in a Benchmark test by the name of Google Nexus 7. So, it is a good guess that the tablet will be sporting a 7 inches tall display measured diagonally obviously. The tablet will be poered by a Tegra 3 chipset powered by a quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM. The tablet may also ship with the latest Google maps service that was unveiled just yesterday.

The device is expected to be launched as early as end of this month at the Google I/O. There are some of the leaked images by PhoneArena of this eagerly anticipated tablet.

The front of the device seems to be just the touch slab with a front facing camera and a bunch of sensors. It does become a lot more interesting at the back though. The back allegedly has two two colour tones which is very similar to the back that we are seeing from the rumored next iPhone. More patent wars coming our way? You never know. Our first impressions of the tablet are extremely positive. It packs a very powerful punch and definitely seems a lot better than the Samsung Tab 7 and Kindle Fire which would be realistically its only rivals. The device is expected to be priced extremely competently at about $200 so that should be a massive selling point.

What do you think about this tablet? Are you awaiting it too? Do let us know in the section below.

Via: Phonearena

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