The Best iPhone Customization – Top 10 Tweaks

A tweak or patch is a change to software that already exists on the phone, rather than adding completely new programs. We all love to customize our phones and experiment on the new tweaks that keep popping up every day. But if you are even a mild observer, you must have noticed that tweaks tend to hold back the performance of your phone. Phones loaded with tweaks are slower and have a larger response time compared to a phone with lesser tweaks. But don’t get disheartened. This doesn’t mean that you have to swipe your phone clean of all tweaks. We now present the best tweaks that edged their way past their fellow counterparts and made it to the top 10. This set has been minutely observed and the installation of these tweaks has some serious advantages which cannot be overlooked. More importantly the performance doesn’t take a beating.


Easily the Godfather of all tweaks, activator really packs a punch. This tweak literally makes your phone dance on your finger-tips. It offers an array of shortcuts which are extremely handy and the user-friendliness factor of your phone increases by leaps and bounds. You can decide what action is initiated when you swipe right on the status bar, shake your device, pinch the springboard etc.


Launch apps or perform any action by using numbers or by drawing patterns. You can activate it by any of the methods that activator offers. Its quite an easy and fast way of navigating to your favourite apps from any place. You can set patterns for your most frequently used apps and use them for instant access without having to go to springboard and searching for them.


It’s more of a tweak that enhances your phone’s style quotient. It embodies a vivid range of ways in which your springboard icons behave when you navigate from one page to the other. The transitions are pretty cool and includes 3-D effects as well.

Brightness switcher

Sometimes even with a shortcut for the sb settings you may not be able access the brightness meter: in a game or an application in which status bar is not visible. Brightness switcher adds a brightness slider in the switcher which can be accessed easily by double tapping the home button or using an activator shortcut. This is quite helpful as you don’t have to minimize your app or game.

Call delete

It allows you to delete call records one by one or all from iphone’s standard phone application by swiping. What’s more impressive is that you can hide the edit button giving a feeling that the call list cannot be tampered with. But the truth is you can!


This tweak gives you complete control over your dock. You can customize it in whatever way you want- no. of icons, icons per page, scrolling type etc. Its pretty  effective and some may not be able to tamper with the icons which come after the standard four icons of the iphone. So enjoy scrolling your dock along with the springboard.

Lockdown pro

It’s a simple way to password protect your application. What sets it apart is the fact that you can lock or unlock apps directly from your springboard. Just hold the icons to get it into wiggle mode and then click on the small lock icon on the icon to lock or unlock the same. So you can safely pass your phone to kids and some of those peers who are frequentlyon the look out for some mischief.


This tweak brings a whole new meaning to multi-tasking in the iphone. It’s my personal favourite. It shows all the open apps on the same screen and you can swipe through them like you were going through a set of cards. Its more like the windows switcher. Its fast, easy to use and very reliable way of multi-tasking.


A master tweak for all the customizations and theming capabilities of your idevice. This tweak provides hooks that lets graphics artists safely and simply theme almost anything in apple’s OS. Multiple theme packages can be installed at once. You can virtually modify anything you want- sliders, keypad, ringtones, lockscreen etc etc.


This is a simple tweak which adds a special button to the switcher. A single tap on the button quite effectively closes all the open apps instantly. You can also set exceptions by selecting an app you want to remain open even after you hit the killswitch. Its quite helpful for those who forget to close the apps after using it.

So here were 10 of the most important tweaks which when used together and in a proper manner can work wonders for your phone. You will see an entirely different side of your device which now is not only an eye-candy but incredibly user-friendly. If you want any assistance regarding their usage feel free to contact us. Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.

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