20 Best Screen Recording Tools For Your Computer

Screen recording tools are important for users who have to create presentations and slide shows of the work that they do on their computers. But not all of these tools are available for free. So we have decided to enlighten you people with a list of the best free and paid screen recording tools out there.

Here is a list of the best screen recording tools. I am dividing these tools in two parts, i.e. free and paid.

These ones available for free.

1. Jing: Jing gets the nod in this list because of its simplicity and ease with which it does its work. Record what you do on your screen or take screenshots. If you have a microphone, narrate every step. Jing videos are limited to 5 minutes for instant, focused communication. Jing works perfectly on both Windows and Mac.


2. Screencast-o-matic: Screencast-o-matic is an online tool that records what you on your desktop directly from your browser. No installation is required and is totally free for use. Simply click on the “Start Recording” button to start the recording session. A box will appear on the screen which you can enlarge or move to locate the region which you want to record. Recorded videos can be instantly shared from the website. Screencast-o-matic works perfectly with both the Windows and Mac operating systems.


3. Webinaria: Webinaria is another tool that allows users to record their computer screen and create presentations. Create flash recordings of your desktop and record voice on the videos with a microphone. You can even upload the videos to their website to generate or increase sales.


4. Ultravnc: UltraVnc screen recorder is fast and responsive when it comes to recording what you do on your computer. Other screen recording tools eat up a lot of memory and resources, even the online tools. But UltraVnc is light and is easy to use. This tool also has a chat window and a dialog box for file transfer. It also has an embedded Java viewer which allows you to open a UltraVnc session in your browser.


5. BB flashback Express: With BB Flashback Express, you can record a specific section of your computer screen or even record the entire screen. Edit the videos instantly and upload them to YouTube, Blip.tv and other video hosting sites.


6. uTipu: uTipu is a simple tool for recording audio and video from your desktop. uTipu offers users with a zoom-in feature which you can use to zoom in to a section of your screen at any time of the recording session. The zoom will then follow your mouse.


7. Krut: Krut is a screen recording tool written in Java. Krut records your entire screen or even a part of the screen and even supports audio. The Krut interface is intuitive and comes with quick buttons to start and stop recording and change the recording area.


8. Screencastle: Screencastle is an online screen recording tool that you can use directly from your browser. This tool may not be as professional looking as the other tools mentioned here, but it does get the job done. To start a recording session, click on the red button on the website. The recording starts immediately and the sharing codes will be provided instantly.


9. GoView: GoView is a free online screen recording tool for users. It requires users to register to the website to start using the tool.But this tool is easy, fast and responsive. Record your sessions and add titles to each session to make the video more interactive. GoView even allows users to trim the videos to specific sizes.


10. Microsoft Expression Encoder: The Microsoft Expression Media Encoder is a tool to record your computer screen and share the videos on websites. With this app, you get the reliability and power of Microsoft and users can record and edit videos instantly using this tool.


These were the free recording tools that are available on the web. But if you want a little more out of your tools, then you wouldn’t mind spending a bit of cash for that. Here are some of the best paid Screen Recording tools that money can buy.

1. Jing Pro: We have mentioned the free version of Jing in the free tools section. But the paid version deserves a mention because you can do so much more by simply paying for the Pro version.


2. BB Flashback Express: BB Flashback Express has also been mentioned in the free section. But BB Flashback Express comes in 3 versions, express, standard and pro. Users can download and try all of 3 versions side by side and decide which one is more suited to their liking and can buy the one they prefer.


3. TipCam Pro: The Pro version for TipCam is available for 99 US Dollars and comes with HD recording. Even the watermarking which comes on the free version is removed.


4. Camtasia: Camtasia is one of the most popular screen recording tools for both Windows and Mac PC’s. It comes with a 30 day trail and you can buy the full version for 299 US $. Camtasia also comes with an add-on for Microsoft Pwerpoint but requires the 2005 version or higher.


5. Adobe Captivate: Adobe is a well established brand name. So reliability is not an issue here. If you are willing to pay for your software, then this tool is recommended for users. Adobe offers so much more than other software and this tool justifies that. You can download the trial version on your computer and see for yourself.

adobe capt

6. Debut Video Recorder: Debut Video Recording software converts your computer into a flexible, interactive video recording tool. Record video from a wide range of sources including VHS/VCR’s and save them to your computer. You can even record your computer screen and create video presentations or simply take snapshots of your screen and save them as jpeg stills. The trial version is available for download and users can buy the software for a reasonable price of $69.95.


7. Replay Video Capture: Replay Video Capture gives users a flexible and interactive tool for recording their screens and creating professional presentations. You can download the trial version from the link given here and then buy the application from the website.

An introduction to Replay Video Capture

8. Fraps: Fraps is a tool that allows users to record their computer screens while playing games. Come join the Machinima revolution with this tool. Forget about using a DV cam or VCR, this tool is all that you need to record your game sessions in HD quality.


9. Active Presenter: Active Presenter is a screencasting tool for Windows which can be used for creating software demonstrations and presentations easily. The tool provides users to set shortcuts for various functions to record their computer screen in HD easily.The tool comes in 3 versions- Free, standard and Pro version, where the Standard and Pro are paid versions.

Atomi-Systems-Inc ActivePresenter

10. Bandicam: Bandicam is a screen recording tool that will record a certain area on your computer screen, or on a program that uses Direct X/Open GL technologies. Bandicam will maintain the video quality as much as it can to the original. You can even record your game sessions using this tool. The free version comes with a watermark on every video. Pay for the registration on the website and the watermark will be removed automatically.


So these are some of the tool available out there which will record what you do on your computer screen. If you know any more tools like these, do let us know via the comments section.

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