The Big Digital Opportunities at ad:tech 2014

We live in the era of digital today. Everything around us from communication to the way we interact with our surrounding has an element of digital into it. A completely digital centric world is no more a hope of the future but the reality of the present. So, unless you want to be left behind in the game, your would be using digital nuisances not just for your daily life but also for your business to grow. Given that digital is a pretty recent phenomena, there is not a widespread knowledge of the subject and thus learning from the gurus of the world becomes all that more important.


Ad:tech is an yearly event that aims to bring who’s who of the digital world under one roof. It is one of the most keenly anticipated and awaited events around the calendar for those involved in the world of utilizing or looking to utilize the digital platform for the growth of their business. Not only does the event bring you a unique opportunity to listen to and interact with the keynote speakers who are distinguished personalities from the digital domain, it also allows you to interact with your colleagues and several others who are in the same boat like you.

It is at places like ad:tech that an implosion of ideas take place, and no wonder being somebody who is driven by digital media and keen to know a lot more, I would be extremely interested in being a part of the meet from March 20th to 21st in Gurgaon and get to experience the new ideas on leading with digital, which is the theme of the event.

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