The Biggest Social Networking Sites: A Comparison (An Infographic)

Social networking sites have become our staple way of staying in touch with our friends and family members who live even at an arm’s distance. A lot of people actually happen to catch up with their friends more on social media than they do in real life. For example, my brother probably already knows where I am currently while typing this post because I am signed in on Foursquare. Similarly I know a very close friend of mine is in a bad mood because his status update on Facebook says that he has had a miserable day. So, in a way we have become extremely dependent on these social sites in order to stay connected. I maybe restricted of posting a lot of stuff on Facebook but I can always use Twitter to take out all the thoughts in my head and pen them out. Therefore, just about every social site has some use and some purpose. But, this does not mean that the competition is not fierce for supremacy. The battle for being the best social networking is site is probably more intense than ever. In this battle Facebook is probably the clearest winner, but what about the rest? We thought of finding it out and helping you know that through this extremely interesting infographic:

(Infographic via: Visual)

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