The First iOS 5 Third Party Widget is Here

We all are very familiar with the SBS settings and without doubt it was one of the most popular additions to a jailbroken iPhone or an iPad. However with the launch of new notification system, a 14 year old developer has taken advantage of it and developed the first third party widget to be displayed in the notification center. The application is called UISettings.

It does essentially the same thing that SBS settings did , that is display options of the most commonly used setting toggles like wi-fi or Bluetooth or brightness adjustment and things like that. Though there is one major drawback that the toggles cannot be changed according to the user requirements, but that’s not much of a hassle either because most of the users needs are already taken care of. The menu of UISettings appears in the notification bar and just between the weather and stocks bar.


To avail this wonderful application you must be running an iOS 5 beta or iOS 5 and jailbreak it. If you are not sure of how to go about jailbreaking the device you can read the instructions given by Redmondpie.

After jailbreaking you must add the source: and search for uisettings.


(image source: Redmondpie)

So what’s the wait for guys? Go and add this wonderful tweak and let us know about it too.

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