The First Lumia Smartphones with Microsoft Branding Appear

It was a sour pill to digest when it was announced that post the completion of the acquisition, Microsoft would be killing away the much loved Nokia moniker from the Windows Phone devices, replacing it with the logo of Microsoft. However, till now, all the Windows Phone devices have carried the Nokia logo, up to the Lumia 930 series. However, that is a thing of the past now as the first image with the new Microsoft branding on the Lumia devices has been leaked out.

Microsoft Branded Lumias

The device in the image looks very much like a bigger Lumia 530, there is a fat possibility that it is one of the next generation low end devices, most likely the Lumia 540 and is exactly pertaining to the direction that Microsoft wants to take. The low end Windows Phone devices have particularly been a success and the likes of Lumia 530, 630, 520 and 620 have done pretty well and the first device with Microsoft branding looks to be following up with the trend.

Microsoft had announced that we can expect more devices soon and this image from TENAA¬†proves we ain’t all that far. The device is currently labelled RM-1090 and is a dual SIM device. It is expected the phone will be launched in time for the holidays, though nothing is known from the specifications point of view yet.



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