The Growth Of Mobile Malware (An Infographic)

Android despite having it’s advantage by being an open source has various disadvantages too. And the one disadvantage that is bought up time and again is the presence of large number of bogus applications and the amount of malware they bring in. And one source of this malware is probably the large number of unauthorized ads that these applications run. A lot of ant virus and scans have been developed to try and control this sort of malware and make sure that your device is safe, but it does seem like occasionally these malwares may even by pass such applications. And once you are stuck with these, the only option you have is formatting your entire device and cleaning your SD card which inevitably leads to the loss of entire data that you have stored. So in that case it is important to know which are these malwares and how you can prevent these from entering your device. Here is an informative infographic to help you know all about the malwares that target Android smart phones. And it is not just Android that has been stuck by these malwares, even the likes of RIM and Windows Phone are suffering, have a look:


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