The HTC ONE X- The Smartphone To Beat in 2012?

Let’s be honest. Samsung and Apple are the leading scorers in the smart phone industry. They have seen such meteoric rise in sales that their rivals have to come up with something extraordinary to say the least to even stand a chance of  challenging for the top spot. So in a valiant attempt to shake off the gloom and slump it has been facing, HTC has come up with a winner.

Without wasting much time, the HTC one X comes with a gigantic 4.7 inch display, top notch  hardware specs and a gorgeous design. It’s a beautiful phone to say the least.  A curved profile and add to that a polycarbonate unibody which makes the phone light, sleek and comfortable to hold. The battery is no longer user replaceable like in case of iphone and no option  of microSd as well. It also requires a micro sim card.

HTC has always been good with designs. But what sets this phone apart is the stunning internals. It packs a Nvidia Tegra 3 1.5GHz quad core processor. There is a  generous 1GB internal memory and 32 GB of storage on board. The display is a cool 720p high definition and allows it to match the retina display with individual pixels becoming almost invisible. The Camera’s powerful with a 8.0/1.3 megapixel rear/front. The quality is crisp and shutter lag is almost zero. It sports the latest release of android 4.0 and also the latest HTC sense UI.

But the headaches include an unimpressive battery life, a good but not groundbreaking display and of course a high price tag. Despite these drawbacks it has too many pluses to be ignored and makes it the smartphone to beat in 2012.

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  1. indeed the one X feels great in your hand! the polycarbonate is cool and the phone is sleek (so thinnnn!!) but as u said the downside is the lcd display. though i didn’t find much viewing angle issues, the aesthetic feel was missing (iphone has it :P)

    hope u soon lay ur hands on one! X

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