The Latest Google Chrome Update Allows you to Search the Web on your Desktop Browser by saying ‘Ok Google’

The always listening feature on the Motorola Moto X was a really cool add on, as it meant you were literally a shout away from searching anything you wish on the internet without even having to touch your device. Since then, various forms of the same voice search has landed on Vanilla and Google Play Editions on Android smartphones. You simply have to enable the feature and then as long as your device is turned on, you can call it by saying ‘Ok Google’ and you will be taken to the search result page.


However, if this was not enough, with the latest update to Google Chrome, Google has added this feature to the desktop browsers too. You must ensure you have the latest Google Chrome version installed on your desktop and have voice search enabled in settings. Once you have done that, all you need to do is to open a new tab and shout out ‘Ok Google’ and then your query for Google to search through the result. Google took to its Chrome page on G+ to confirm the news about the new feature that has been added alongside some regular bug fixes in the latest Chrome Release which for a Mac is Version 35.0.1916.114.

We did not really use the feature much though, as you need to have a great microphone in your system for it to work. Also trying it out in a noisy environment was futile as Google always picked up something in the background than what we wanted it to. It is a feature that certainly will be helpful if you stay alone and there is nobody to feel awkward around you, else it will just end up making you look totally out of your mind.


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