The Latest Patent Indicates that Apple wants you to Attach your Accessories to their Device

The magnetic or smart covers that Apple has made in the past few years have been a hit. They are easy to apply and above all long lasting. The concept of magnetizing your cover has since been adapted by several other accessory makers and let’s just say that nobody has managed to do it as well as Apple has. Looks like though, that this year, Apple wants to take things a level above. We have heard from Tim Cook more than once that Apple are looking to explore newer markets and product categories this year and accessories for iPads/ iPhones beyond the cover and dock could be one such thing.


This point is being validated by one of the sketches obtained from a patent that Apple had filed where we clearly see magnetic strips being added to the covers. the only explanation for this could be that Apple is planning to make available certain accessories that you might want to attach to your device.

The example of this may well be a stylus which could suddenly throw the gates for a 12 inch iPad open. Other few accessories could well be a magnetic dock or maybe a payment technology that Apple could bring in, or maybe that’s where your iWatch could sit or two iPads could make an extended screen. The possibilities are endless including attaching a DSLR to your iPad, but this one little leak could certainly give us a peek into what Apple’s plans could be for 2014 and beyond.

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