The Latest Update for Whatsapp on Android Alerts you when the Recipient has Read your Message

The worst nightmare of a husband ignoring a whatsapp from the wife, or that of a boyfriend ignoring a message from the girlfriend nagging him while he hits off on Xbox with his friends has just come true. Yes, Whatsapp has taken the conventional route and followed the likes of Hike and BBM, giving you clear indicator of when the recipient of your message has opened the chat and read it. So, no more the excuses such as, ‘I may not have read or skipped the message’ are relevant.

Whatsapp Update

The latest update to Whatsapp was rolled OTA today morning, and it took a lot of people by surprise including yours truly. The update has brought this feature to Android phones only for now, though we are pretty sure it would hit the iOS shores pretty quick. However, if you are an iOS or iPhone user, and IMing someone on Android, they will be able to recognize that you have read the message. The way it works is, the two tick marks, which showed that the message has been delivered successfully turn blue indicating the message have been read.

The latest version of the app: 2.11.431 is what you need to get the feature, though in case you have not received the update over the air, you can download the apk manually by going here. Just install the apk on your phone and override the previous one and enjoy watching when friends or family have read your whatsapp IM.

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