The LG G4 Has Omnious Amount of Leather on the Back

LG G4 is set to launch globally on April 28th. And closer we get to the deadline day, the clearer what is on the cards seems to be. In fact, it looks like we will have the entire picture of what exactly the device will pack in already. It was just last week when a case manufacturer by mistake and more leaks have now appeared which shows the device in full glory.



Based on the invite that the media had received, we were pretty sure that the device would come with an option of leather back, but were not really in the know of how it would look.


But thanks to the latest leak, it can be pretty much-confirmed everything there is to know about the G4. The leak shows the device completely and is from the live webpage of the device which went live before being taken off. The phone will have two variants of back according to the image, including one leather panel in several colors as well as a plastic one with the site reading:

Inspired by artisanal precision, the [G4]’s premium back covers come in metallic gray, ceramic white, shiny gold, and genuine leather. The chic colored versions sport a textural hammered-array pattern while the classic leather option is available in five distinct colors and features an exquisite threaded stitch.


The device will have a slight curve to the front too a bit like the Galaxy Nexus, though a lot of placeholders seem to be on the site which make us believe that perhaps there could be a fair few things here and there that may change which is why we are not including the specs here.

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