The Massive App-Explosion (An Infographic)

If you have been a regular reader of Blogtechnika you must have noticed that we have attempted to bring many interesting Infographics to you. The reason behind that is Infographics convey a lot of information in an extremely concise manner. They are a source of stats that at times leave us grasping for thin air.

Mobile applications have always interested us. In fact apps have now reached to a point that they can be compared to stars in the sheer number of them. It is impossible to now use a phone and not look at the applications it has running. One reason we feel the feature phones are falling off the radar. To think that once upon a time Apple did not want mobile Apps is absolutely ridiculous. But in these five years we have all come a long way and this app explosion just get bigger and bigger. So here is an interesting Infographic highlighting exactly how many mobile apps do we have currently and perhaps show us a guideline where we might be heading to.

(Infograpic Via: Visual)

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