The Minus in Google Plus


Enter your classroom or workspace ,and the new “ in thing “ is none other than the baby of Google, Google+. Every now and then you will hear awesome features of Google+ and you will see people debating about how it’s a strong competition to Facebook and the plethora of users who have joined Google+ since its inception can exceed the number of Facebook users in the near future. But have you ever pondered over the shortcomings of the new social network created by the mighty Google? Here are few

A Few Cracks


Though we all know that Google+ is still in its beta testing phase but many users have brought up a few security issues which can cause a hindrance in the smooth running of the service. To mention one, if you have blocked a person, this will prevent his updates from appearing on your stream but if you both share a mutual friend , and that friend of yours shares one of your posts ,then the blocked person will be able to see it. This really defeats the purpose of “blocking” someone.

The Need For Speed (Rush For Invites)

The spread of Google+ by word-of-mouth led to mass requests for invites from users that had not had the opportunity to join it. Google+ allowed its members to send invites . However it was not long before users found a way to join Google+ without an invite. Another security lapse.


Much Ado About Nothing

Everyone is very keen to join Google+. Requesting friends and colleagues and family members to send them invites so they can be in the “group”, talk about it and know about the features it has to offer, but speaking without any prejudice, there is really not much happening, the excitement is quite short lived. Google+ stream is more or less static as there are not many users as of now, those of you who are into gaming since a long time can compare this to the classic XBox in India where you didn’t have enough titles to put your hands on.

Server Overload

As the users discovered the security flaws and started to join without special invites, the number of users increases exponentially . The unexpected influx of new users had adverse effects on Google servers ,however, causing them to go over capacity and making the site inaccessible.


Such are the flaws which can really cease the growth of Google+ which none of us would really want. So all we can do is, wait and let the mighty minds behind Google find away to circumvent the hindrances, till then , we all have our beloved Facebook,which in my opinion is here to stay, kudos Mark Zuckerberg .

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