The Next Yu Phone will be called the Yuphoria

Micromax’s sister company Yu is set to announce its next smartphone this month. The previous device called the Yu Yureka was a hit but suffered mainly due to very limited quantity of devices that were made available through a flash sale on Amazon. The next device succeeding the Yureka will be called Yuphoria. This name was picked up by a crowd sourced campaign that Yu had organised calling it #YuNameIt. The name was selected from the fans suggestion before the unveiling of the device, which is expected to be somewhere around the end of the month.

Yu Yuphoria

The Yu Yuphoria has been also referred to as the Project Caesar in the past and internally it has been reported that the phone is called Yu 2. It is obvious that the Yu 2 or Yuphoria now, will feature bumped up specifications as compared to Yureka and that is likely to sear the prices of the device a bit too. Yu has already teased us out with some of the specifications of the phone, including a 16 GB internal memory as well as a 64 bit processor. The phone will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box too.

These specifications were detailed out on a social media post by Yu’s Twitter account as it took aim at Xiaomi in order to prove their product superiority.

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