The Pebble Time Steel is an Apple Watch Made by Pebble

Pebble announced the Pebble Time a week or so ago and the launch was met by a lot of enthusiasm on Kickstarter as well as in the tech community. Despite not having the looks of a Miss World, the device is the smartwatch that you would want especially as it ensures that you get the sort of battery life that is least expected out of a smartwatch. Add in a couple of new sensors, a color display and support for everything that Android Wear does, and you can see why Pebble Time will do well despite looks that would give envy to somebody in a graveyard.


Pebble has now gone on to announce the Pebble Time Steel on Kickstarter, and as much as we are dying to use the pun on steal, we shall avoid it. The watch has exactly the same internals as that of the Pebble Time but you do get the casing in a CNC finished 316L steel material. The battery too has been upgraded so that you get a solid ten days out of the watch on average usage.

The watch will be available in black, silver and golden version and the golden version looks so similar to the Apple Watch that its hilarious. The watch straps are the same 22 mm standard ones with quick release mechanisms so you can go ahead and install the watchband of your choice on the device. The watch will cost $250 on Kickstarter and begins shipping early July. The release price in retail will be $299.

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