The Perfect Phone

Very often we sit back and discuss which device is the best and which phone is the single best device out there, and usually we end up just fighting or quiting out, cause very simply a perfect phone does not exist. Usually there are features we may like, but to think of an overall package, its very hard to single out one device that can do everything. So what would the most perfect device have on the planet seeing the technology that is already out there? Here is my pick, feature wise  for the most perfect phone.

A 4.5 Inch Display: It is a rather debatable topic as to what is the perfect screen size for a mobile device. Few would argue that the 3.5 inch on an iPhone is too small while 5+ inch display on a galaxy note is too big, so what exactly is the ideal size? In my opinion about 4.5/4.6 inches is pretty much the perfect mobile device screen size. It enables us to read text crystal clear and browse web and yet not have issues navigating the device with just one hand. A 4.5 inch screen is pretty much ideal for all the multimedia playbacks too.

LTE Connectivity: Smart Phones are all about data usage on the go, and nothing, absolutely nothing beats a good LTE or a 4G coverage where the downloads are blazing fast and you do not even have to wait for a split second for your favorite youtube videos to load.

A Quad Core Processor: Its not any secret that more powerful your device processor is, the better Graphics experience you would get. A quad core processor also makes sure there is totally no lag on the device and also that you have as many applications as you wish to have in the background without having to worry about the phone slowing down. A Quad Core processor has produced some remarkable benchmarks and it would make a lot of sense that a quad core chip is at the core of our perfect device.

A 2800mAH+ Battery: We more often than not sit and crib about the poor battery life of devices today. Apart from maybe Motorola Razr Maxx, none of the devices have a battery to drive home. A perfect device could at the very least last on a single charge cycle throughout the day with a moderate to heavy usage without having to dim down the backlight and various other well known battery conserving tricks.

A 720P HD Display: I honestly do not care if the display is called Retina or super duper AMOLED, what does matter is that the display must be HD. The Retina display is wonderful and so is The Super Amoled HD, but if the resolution is going to be low, there is not much point esp on such a large display. The true HD display on the likes of Galaxy Nexus is beautiful to look at and it would form the display of my perfect device.

A Poly-Carbonate Unibody Hardware: It is very rightly said that any amount of plastic flushed or not cannot match for the feel of pure metal chassis and a neat unibody design. I have been really impressed with Nokia seeing the design of the Lumia 900, and would love it if more companies would try and emulate such designs instead of cheap plastic bodies or an expensive yet very break-able glass exteriors.

A Notification Light:  A notification light may seem like a small thing, but it is quite an essential thing as far as i am concerned. I love it on my Blackberry when a new notification comes and the red light goes off. This way i do not have to unnecessarily keep checking the device for a notification i may be expecting eating away battery life. It is a nice little feature to keep us going.

A Dedicated Notification Center: Notifications are a big part of a smartphone. The iPhone despite its improvements does not quite handle the notifications well, Android is slightly better but not quite there, it seems too cluttery when you see the notifications bar on an Android device. I would certainly have a revamped notification center on my perfect device with subtle features such as marking messages read or delete them directly or having things like quick reply.

Wireless Charging: I have totally no clue how someone can incorporate wireless charging, maybe by using one of the magic stones that Palm devices came out for a while or even a touch slab kind of feature, but wireless charging would definitely be a way forward. The galaxy 3 is supposedly coming out with a wireless charging mechanism so that would certainly be interesting. We spend a lot of time with our devices in one corner of the room cause its been flushed into a power socket trying to gain its juice back, it would be quite a relief if we could have wireless charging.

An effectively loud speaker phone: I use my smartphone for a lot of business related conference calls but sadly most of the smartphones today have a really low speaker output system. The perfect smartphone would definitely up the audio quality from the speakers.

12 Megapixel Camera With Xenon Flash: I still admire the Nokia manufacture N8 for its camera qualities, similarly the Cybershot series were a favorite of mine too. A good 12 megapixel sensor with a Xenon flash that can easily take pictures in low light conditions is an absolute must for a perfect phone. Needless to say the phone must have video recording in 1280p.

An HDMI Port: HDMI is still the most popular way of connecting your device to a larger screen and definitely an essential when it comes to the needs of a perfect smartphone.

A 5GB cloud space out of the box: Cloud is definitely the future and there is only a limited amount of space we could have on our smart phones, so having some cloud space right out of the box would be a wonderful way to go.

So these for me were the features that my perfect device would have, I have not mentioned anything much software related because this is not essentially discussing the needs of a perfect mobile OS. Do you agree with my choices? Or would your perfect smartphone have a few more features? Do let us know.


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