The Popular App Flipboard Comes to Web

The popular Android and iOS application, Flipboard has finally come to the web. The application completely changed the way we read our subscribed feeds and practically has been the best replacement to the famed Google Reader which was discontinued a couple of years ago. Most of the people then migrated to Flipboard which offers great UI in a magazine type of a format to read the stories as well as follow boards and publications.

Flipboard on Web

The application which has made way to the web is slightly different as compared to that on the tablets and smartphones. On web, Flipkart has moved from a touch only flip interface to a swipe across navigation manner to help keep things a little natural. The explanation for the move is that when you are not touching the interface, flipping anything can feel a little unnatural.

The web version of Flipboard brings other features such as following and sharing stories as well as creating a feature called Magazines whereby you can pin in the articles or stories that you like for the followers to read and go through. The entire interface is very similar to Pinterest but is for articles. You can access Flipboard on the web by going to the link here and then logging in with your Flipboard account to follow your favorite stories.

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