The Retina Macbook Pro- It’s a Dream Machine

You just automatically feel a sense of pride and happiness on owning it. Feel the power when you grab this eye candy with the latest intel processors with instant-on responsiveness. You immediately understand why it is such a desirable piece of magic.

The unprecedented high-resolution screen on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display makes images, even simple text look beautifully clear. Packing in an astounding 2880×1880 pixels it takes the viewing experience to a whole new level that was never earlier seen in a laptop. The pixel count is a staggering 3 million pixels more than the HDTV.  It has a redesigned, lightweight body, the powerful components, including an Nvidia GPU. Overdue new ports, including USB 3.0 and HDMI, are welcome.

It has a flash memory of 256 GB and an impressive battery life of unto 7 hours. The touchpad is brilliant and very sensitive as always.

With a $2,199 entry-level price tag,  The lack of onboard Ethernet jack, FireWire, or an optical drive can be inconvenient at times. Despite being thinner and lighter, it’s not as travel-friendly as a true ultrabook or MacBook Air.

The Retina MacBook Pro is in a whole different space of its own. The quad-core in a body that’s svelte (but not quite ultrabook-thin), discrete graphics, and a super high-res display and much more just raises the bars of the laptop world.

It’ll likely be more useful for heavy readers or Photoshop/Final Cut users at first, and we’ll have to see how long it takes for other popular programs to update themselves to take advantage of the new screen. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display, while expensive, is the best all-around MacBook Apple now makes unless you absolutely, positively need a built-in optical drive or Ethernet jack (both are available via external dongles or peripherals). It provides desktop-replacement-level performance, but is nearly as slim as an imagined 15-inch MacBook Air would be, even if it’s a little heavier than it looks.

Salient features 

Retina display: 2880 x 1800 pixels (220 pixels per inch)

Screen size: 15.4 inches (super thin bezel)

Weight: 4.46lbs

Thickness: .71 inches (about as thin as the MacBook Air)

Apps: PhotoShop, Safari, Final Cut Pro X, and other select apps have already been upgraded for the Retina display

Processor: up to a 3.7GHz Intel quad-core i7 (Ivy Bridge)

Graphics processor: New Kepler Nvidia GPUs

RAM: up to 16GB

Internal storage: Up to 768GB of flash storage (all flash)

Battery life: 7 hours

Ports: HDMI, two USB 3.0 ports (compatible with USB 2.0), two Thunderbolt ports, SD card reader, MagSafe 2. Thunderbolt adapters for FireWire 800 and Ethernet.

Other: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 are also included. Apple talked a lot about the laptop’s “asymmetrical fan” as well as its 720p FaceTime webcam. Dual microphones, a backlit keyboard, and new speakers are also included.

But all these awesome features in this ultra cool gadget comes at a sizeable price of Rs. 153000. But those who just can’t resist this wonder will probably shell out the amount and become the proud owners of apple Inc yet another masterpiece.


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