The Secret Behind TOI Volkswagen Audio Device & Future Of Advertising

Today TOI (Times Of India) newspaper surprised most of the people because of small embed audio device. As people open the page, they heard a robotic voice telling about Volkswagen car. It took them seconds to realize that it was a a piece of advertisement by Volkswagen group. Pretty impressive.

After sometime, people started talking about this device on Twitter and Facebook. In this way the product gone viral within few hours. People have their own opinions about this ad. But is this kind of ad is a great peace of advertising? The answer may be Yes. Because in the competitive ad market it is more important for companies to create attention for their product.

Volkswagen and TOI both gained popularity as the ad already gone viral and it would inspire other advertisers to follow the same path. So get ready for more such  ads in the near future. It might happen that you’ll see (or hear) more than one such ads on a single newspaper. That reminds us the Harry Potter movie where Harry reading newspaper where character narrates the story (video ad probably).

According to story published on Mail Online and BBC News, more innovative, video ads had been published in a traditional paper magazine in September. These ads were played by costly video device. According to BBC, the device has liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, Each is 2.7mm thick with 320×240 resolution, Can store 40mins of videoBattery can be recharged via mini-USB and the device was developed by LA-firm Americhip.

Image Credit: Mail Online

You can easily estimate the cost of advertisement. It is hell more than traditional ads but it definitely create buzz about product as it happened today in all the homes subscribed for TOI print edition in India.

Future Of Advertisement

Few days ago I saw a video on YouTube titled “Pranav Mistry’s Sixth-Sense and Microsoft’s Productivity Future Vision”. I don’t know it is fake or real but we all know that Pranav is working on sixth sense technology and we saw the demonstration through this TED talk video. Have a look on the video which is definitely indicating a new future.

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