The Story iPhone: 5 Years Later (An Infographic)

iPhone has just turned 5 years old. It has become the master symbol of the smart phone world. Like the advertisement says, you either have an iPhone or you don’t. For the past five years, iPhone has become the milestone that every company has tried to achieve in the mobile world. Not many have succeeded in outclassing  the iPhone despite its high price relatively. It still stays the phone that people  love to flaunt and that Apple Logo has become a symbol of absolute class. No, it is not the perfect phone, in fact far away from it yet it is probably the simplest thing that you can use to make calls and use as your entertainment hub.

So how has the phone developed over the 5 years. We have see 5 variants of the phone in this period. Here is an interesting infographic regarding the rise of the iPhone:

(Via: Visual)


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