The Story Of Ever Increasing E-Mails And How To Guard Against It

The world sends nearly 2.9 million e-mails every second.

Earlier when we wanted to set up a meeting, ask for help and advice or share something we would just pick up the phone, send a letter or meet up. But today communication has become extremely easy and friction free. You can send a message from anywhere in the world at any time of the day at the click of a button. The ever increasing social networking sites keeps us informed about the minutest details and what our friends did minutes ago. The Internet has given us immense power of instant communication across continents and we love it. But lately this very easy method of communicating via email has been causing problem. It’s a common problem nowadays. We are buried under loads and loads of emails. Email volume is getting worse by the day. It’s easier to create an email than to reply an email. This is where the problem lies. We don’t have time to reply to mails and it’s worse if you have to answer it after going to a link embedded in it.

So respect your recipients time and remember that emails take time to process. Always give a subject that clearly describes the topic. The body should be short and the first line should strike the main topic. Time is of essence and you would never want your mails to go unread. We should also avoid open ended questions.

Always avoid excessive CC’s. Every recipient you add increases the response time.

Don’t attach unnecessary files in bulk and avoid images. Send text in the body rather than going for attachments like word or excel.

Avoid unnecessary responses. Remember the less mails you send, the less you receive. So send wisely. Whenever you are on the Internet be alert as to how many places you go about spilling your details and email address.

So hope you will keep these points in mind. Happy emailing.

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