The Truth About Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass is probably the latest and the greatest in terms of glass chassis on the latest smart phones. People take it for granted that gorilla glass is akin to its name and will withstand just about anything. This was pretty much my perception about it too until I saw a friend’s HTC One X which sports a Gorilla glass shatter right across the screen. I often see the glass gets minute scratches as well when used extensively in a sandy environment. So that pretty much quashes away the fact that this glass is completely scratch resistant. In fact Gorilla glass is very much prone to scratches by thing like Quartz which is nothing but sand. Yes, it is an extremely toughened glass and you might have to use more energy to literally destroy it, but it no where close to, takes away your need to use of a high quality screen protector.

One of the senior members at the popular Android Forum called XDA took time out to actually explain the realities of this glass and in turn breaking a lot of myths too. Here is the video which will exactly tell you everything about Gorilla Glass.

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