The Uncertain Future Of RIM (An Infographic)

RIM or Research in Motion is probably going to be the first massive giant to fall off the Mobile Radar if the current trends are to stay. Owning a Blackberry once upon a time was a massive status symbol, one as big as probably owning an iPhone is today. The BBM, e-mails, instant messaging everything worked really well and people loved their Blackberry’s. But then in came Android and iPhones and everything really changed. Blackberry to their credit did try and keep the pace with the two super pacey ones but never really succeeded. Why exactly BlackBerry failed is a very difficult question to answer, and our Editor Bharat Sharma wrote a very interesting piece here outlining every possible reason for the failure of BB. However, everything is not gloom for BlackBerry and their ardent fans like me earnestly hope that the upcoming BB 10 or the L-Series devices really live up to the amazing potential they do have. Nobody likes to see a giant die, and Balckberry definitely is  agiant when it comes to Mobile Consumer Electronics.

However, everything is not set n stone and there are plenty of uncertainties still looming large on the head of RIM. The shares are sliding down and consumers are reporting problem after problem, so what lies ahead? This is best explained by this wonderful bit of infographic. You must check out if you are an RIM user or fan.

Via: Daily Infographics

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  1. RIM continues to be an HIS (Head in the Sand) company. The time of the hardware keyboard on cell phones is over. They MUST move on to another operating system. One of the benefits of RIM is they have a massive customer base, nearly all the English-speaking world. But it must move on. Here is my suggestions to the CEO of RIM:
    1. Make OS 10 the last Blackberry OS.
    2. Get the best version of Android 4.0 or higher for the OS
    3. Blackberry is a great name but it has lost its potential, you need to get (BBS – Beg, Borrow, or Steal) all other berry names. Names for a product is now in fashion.
    4. Get all the berries: Boysenberry, Black Raspberry, Red Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chokeberry, Cranberry, Elderberry, etc. and make them your own.
    5. Maximize the Android 4.0 for your cell phone.

    Following this list you will instantly have your customer base satisfied and it will bring in immediate profits. High profits again.

    If not, you are doomed.

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