The World Of Goo For Android [Game Review]

Things are not always the way they look at the first instance. When I came across this game in the Android Play Store I felt so disgusted. I never thought of downloading it and playing it. World of Goo, it sounds so Yuck! So I never really tried this game on the Play Store even though it was one of the best rated and played games. Although it was called Android Game of the Year, it never made a difference to me until a friend of mine simply sent the APK file to me and installed it himself. I let it be there for a while but once just for the sake of it being there I opened it and started playing. I have never let it go since then.


The World of Goo is a complete smart game to play. No wonder it is one of the best games on the current top games’ list. I fidgeted a little when I started because it is hard to make much sense of the surroundings in the game first. But once you get the hang of it, you are all set to be up and running. It is a physics based building game where you drag the adorable-looking, tender goo-beings and stretch them to make structures. You construct them so as to make it easier for the other goo companions to be able to reach the suction tube. They flow through the lines and as the construction is completed with their help reach into the pipe and get collected into the container. You need to complete the target set to be sucked up and do not make more lines by stretching unnecessary balls into shape. There are thick line and thin lines which decide the destiny of the structure. The thick ones mean the structure is strong enough and will sustain, as the whole structure has no other base but of the globs of goo in the air. The levels of towers need to be well-balanced. Another thing you cannot miss when you start playing is the simplicity and handsome design of the game.


You go through multiple levels and chapters until you reach your destination. The World of Corporation is a massive name in the production of Goo related products. You discover various species of goo with their various abilities which come together in this out of the world tale. Go get your hands dirty with the delicious goo balls.


There is a demo version available but I would suggest that only if you have older versions of Android running on your phone. The World of Goo full is available on the Play Store ( Simply get it and start with it. Do get back to us about your tales of experience. It’s must play.

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