The Xiaomi Mi 4 and OnePlus One Receive Price Cuts in India

If you are looking to pick up the next flagship device for yourself, this is not a bad time at all. While there are great options in the market with the likes of the Galaxy S6, LG G4 and the HTC M9+ as the next generation flagships, the devices from last year are getting some very tasty price points. In fact, if you look at it objectively, there is not a lot that is different between the flagship killers of last year and the flagship devices of this year other than a 2K display and a slightly better processor. If you can look beyond that 2K panel and be okay with what is a legitimately awesome 1080 P panel, you are in for some good news.

Mi4 Price cut

After the Motorola Moto X Second generation was dropped to Rs 22,000 on Flipkart last week, two of the other competing killers have been given a price cut. For today, the OnePlus One on Amazon has seen the 64 GB version dropped to 19,998, which is Rs 2,000 lower than its official price. There has been no price drop on the 16 GB variant though, which still is retailing for the old price of Rs 18,998.

Xiaomi’s Mi4 too has been given a hefty price cut with the 16 GB model retailing for Rs 14,999 now on the official Mi website in a celebration for 10 million Mi 4 devices being sold. The 64 GB variant of the device will continue to retail on Flipkart at the price point of Rs 19,999. While, both OnePlus One and Mi4 come with very similar sets of configurations and problems such as lack for expandable storage, you would believe that eventually it will come down to the fact which screen size do you prefer and if you want to go the route of MiUI or remain with largely stock Android experience.

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