Things you should know about your competitor’s blog?

Blogging is not only a geek job who made fun with writing some interesting articles and distributing it on the internet. Blogging is also about competition which every blogger face in his blogging career. Yes there are lots of blog competitors who try to surpass you every time. They take every blogging steps keeping your blog in mind.

But do we need to think that about these competitive blogs? Can these blogs really harm us in terms of blog traffic, revenue or reputation? These are really important question which we should really think about.


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How do you know about your competitors?

It is very difficult to find out because there are millions of blogs in a blogosphere and tracking all the blog is not really can be done. But there are some trial methods to know about your blog competitors. The important hint is blog commentators. Track your blog commentators, go to their blog and study some key factors with the help of WMtips. Try to track some points:

1) Alexa rank: Try to track the alexa rank of competitor website, because alexa is a symbol of reputation. Thoughalexa ranking system depends upon alexa toolbar.

2) Niche: Try to know about the niche of the site, niche is the most important criteria for determining competitor blog. Niche means

3) Traffic: Try to track traffic of different websites by traffic measuring tools and compare the traffic with your own website.

4) Feed subscriber: Feed subscriber is important criteria for checking reputation of any blog. Try to track number of feeds subscribers of a blog. If the blog has more feed subscriber than you then it would be an alarm for you.

5)Comments: Try to track the number of comment every articles get, more number of comments means more number of people like the article and love to give their insights on an article.

6) Post frequency: How much article your competitor wrote per day, more number of articles means more visitors. Visitors can be direct traffic or organic traffic

7)How old is the blog: If your competitor’s blog is more old than your blog then it is a minus point for you, because it is known that Google give preference to old blog in comparison to new one.

8 ) Design: Check the blog design of your competitor’s blog, if a theme used by your competitor blog is premium theme then it would be beneficial for your competitor because your competitors blog looks more cool than your blog..

9) Backlinks: More backlinks means more exposure; there are certain ways to check the backlinks of blog. Try to make a strong backlink by certain methods to increase your blog visibility.

10) Earning: This is the most difficult part to know about any blog, yet there are some bloggers who love to mention the blog earning. So it will be beneficial to you if you know about a blog earning of your competitor.

These are some key factors which should compared to know about the current status of your competitive blog. But the last and the most important factor is Keyword. Keyword is the main reason in niche blogging; you can track the keyword of your competitive blog and make some keyword strategy in this context.

These are the main factors which should compared to track your blog competitor. Health competition should always exist everywhere for growth and development. Do you like this article? If you like this article you can subscribe to Blogtechnika for more interesting articles, feel free to share your views about your blog competitor.

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  1. You are right Himanshu, knowing about your blog competitor is a nice strategy for niche blogging, you have mentioned some nice points here. Keywords alexa rank and feed subscriber are the primary ways of tracking your blog competitor, I have faced lots of competition in my blogging niche. Thanks for this amazing article.

  2. ya….i check the stats of other blogs in my niche(read competitors) almost everyday..and you are one of them 😉
    .-= IndianCashMaker´s last blog ..Dedicate a Place for Blog Directories =-.

  3. Great post Himanshu. Measure some blog performance is a great idea to redecide one strategy. Though still wondering what do you mean by competition or competitor blog?
    Competition is I guess only between business but not in blogging, or Am I missing something?

  4. Their are millions of blogs out their. Don’t know who is the competitor.
    .-= Rahul´s last blog ..How To Win On Blingo Search Engine =-.

  5. Hi Himanshu,
    Nice post created.
    These topics are really informative to the blogger.But I’ll take these points as inspiration,not as the competition.
    .-= Surender Sharma´s last blog ..Google Created Sitelinks of Technogati =-.

  6. That’s tricky!!. it’s ok if you occasionally visit your competitor’s blog; I think it aware you of what is buzzing around, so you can make a healthy move immediately. No one wants to be at the bottom of the list. However in a right direction, once you found that your competition is doing well, you can feel a sense of competition that you should do something.

    whatever, I agree that taking yourself with updated information from authorities is a more ethical way to learn. A quality research about your niche will produce a good outcome and can even make you stand out among your competitors.

    Good post himanshu!!
    .-= bipin´s last blog ..Premier india launched new Rio mini SUV =-.

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