Things You Want to Know About Cr-48, First Chrome OS Laptop

Google recently release Chrome OS, world’s first cloud based operating system. To use this OS effectively, Chrome made a special kind of notebooks. The first one to come out is Cr-48. Google decided to give this notebook to beta testers through Chrome OS pilot program. If you live in US then you can also apply for the program through this page.


Now let’s come to the features of this laptop:

  • No logo on the laptop,simple and plane design.
  • 12.1-inch screen.
  • Click pad with extra abilities.
  • Full size keyboard, no caps lock and function keys.
  • Built in Wi-fi and 3G.
  • Webcam.
  • 802.11n dual-band WiFi.
  • 8 hours of active use.
  • 8 days of standby.
  • Ports for VGA connections, USB mice and keyboards, headsets, and microphones
  • Flash storage.
  • Google cloud print service to print documents.
  • 3.8 pound weight.
  • Atom processor powered.
  • Dual boot with Windows is not possible.

Looks like Google don’t want to enter into hardware competition by unveiling this simple looking laptop. To public, Chrome OS laptop will be available in mid of 2011 and it will manufacture by Samsung and Acer.

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