This App Automatically Put Your Mobile on Silent Mode When you are in Meeting

In today hurried world we have so many things to attend to. It is so much better if there is someone or something which can take care of all our schedules and timings, without any need for us to keep filling the slots. Also, notifications are one thing which is important as well as annoying at the same time. Without notifications we may miss many things but what if they beep at the wrong time? Imagine yourself sitting in a meeting, you forgot to put your phone on silent mode and your phone rings or beeps with an alert or notification. Embarrassing right? Silence for Android helps you off this embarrassing situation.


Silence is one application which will help you manage your phone’s ringer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and profiles as per your schedules. It automatically toggles with the settings and sets them up according to the schedule you provide to the app. It can work as an alarm as well as a scheduler. Working along the weekdays, weekends and internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, Silence manages to turn these modes on and off according to the time and place. If you are in a meeting for an hour, Silence for Android will turn off your notifications and alerts as per your chosen choices, and turn on again after an hour that is when your meeting gets over. This is a very smart utility application you can use for your convenience and forget about turning your ringer on and off before and after every meeting. You also do not miss any calls or important alerts as it turns the toggles on as soon as you are done with that particular time. Also, another benefit of this amazing application is that it helps you keep a track of time. If you are running behind time, you will know it with Silence around.

Try this application from the Play Store and enjoy the following features which the developers promise to provide:

– Simple, intuitive Holo-themed interface
– Schedule events that occur once, or repeat on certain days of the week
– Change your ringer to silent, vibrate, or normal mode
– Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode on and off
– Change your settings back automatically when the scheduled event ends

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Check out Silence on Google Play Store.

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