This is how iPad was conceived to be in 2004

Every once in a few years comes a product that dares to define an entire product category. The original Macintosh I did for personal computers, iPod did that for portable music players, the examples are a plenty. However, one company that has been synonymous with coming up with category defining products has been Apple and they certainly did so with the iPad, a product or a category of super portable touchscreen devices that many thought had absolutely no place nor the demand in the market.

iPad concept

Fast forward a few years, you have tablets just about everywhere today and people are talking about them potentially replacing desktop PC. While obviously there is time for that, it is interesting to see that long before the iPad became a reality, someone had produced the accurate render of the device with the exact name.

The image produced by Pauliwoll may not well be the  most accurate render of the iPad, but it is certainly interesting that even in 2004 when iPad was very much in conceptualising and designing phase the fan was able to accurately predict the name of the device. We certainly wonder if he had some internal knowledge about the device or maybe Apple once again proved that, “Good artists copy, while great ones steal”!


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