This is How Notification on Android Wear Will Look Like

Ever since we saw the first Android Wear prototypes thanks to LG releasing a few shots of the LG G Watch, we have been extremely excited about the way the whole thing will work. Finally, it looks like somebody is going to get the smartwatch done right and given, if all the OEMs can get the device in the market at a reasonable price, it is fair to assume a lot of people will be sporting the Android Wear come the end of the year.

But we may have to wait for another couple of months at least till we see the Android Wear. Thankfully, Google or its partners are releasing enough information in short spurts to keep the interest level high in the product while it surely goes through its final testings. There are no points for guessing that the Android Wear will basically utilise the Google Now cards to establish communication with the users. It would be interesting to see, what more can Google add to the smartwatch instead of making them just another board where your Google cards will appear.

The answer to this, is somewhat available in some of these notification screenshots that Android Developers G+ page has shared. They go on to tell us about the screenshot:

One of the coolest parts of Android Wear is how it extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices out of the box, without any need to update your app.  If you have a notification-enabled app, those notifications will generally just work on your new wearable.

It’s striking how useful these notifications are and easy to imagine how much more valuable they could get with a little bit of additional development.  With just a few lines of code you can deliver even richer experiences on the wearable by using stacks, pages, and voice replies.

Check out the photos for some of my favorite notifications so far.

Android Wear notifications


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