Three Addictive iphone Games You Probably Haven’t Heard of

Sometimes ,when we just get bored, we take our phone, iphone in this case 😉 and go through the pages of applications we once downloaded. And in the end, all the search for that one game which could really entertain us goes in vain as we have already played and finished most of the games. Then what. Open Google, and search for the top iPhone games ,or just browse the app store just to later know that you have all the games which are ‘featured’ in the ‘top 25’. Here I am going to share with you three very addictive and good games which you probably haven’t heard of.
Starting with my favorite

1) Stupid Zombies

We all have played many zombie games, and the next line may sound like a cliché but every cliché has got some degree of truth to it ,that is why I becomes a cliché at the first place, Stupid Zombies game is different. You play as one guy who has a gun ,limited bullets, and a finite number of zombies. Aim and shoot. As simple as it can get, yet addictive. Best part, you have got 480 levels. You wont get tired J. All this for just $0.99


2) Crayon Physics Deluxe

A physics based puzzle game, Unlike school or college physics, this one is addictive :p. You have to guide a ball from one point to the other, in between collecting some stars. The best part,you have to create the path with a crayon. And as the name suggests , all objects inside the game are affected by the laws of physics. So come on,download this game and show everyone that your no less than the great Einstein himself J


3) iSlash

Last but not the least, iSlash. Nothing complex,as simple as 2+2. Like the name suggests,the only thing required in this game is ‘slashing’. You are presented with a figure and you have to clear a specified amount of area by slashing. Very addictive. Trust me.


You can simply search for them in app store and download them,either by paying the developers or if you have a jailbroken iphone then you all know what to do. Enjoy.

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